Story of two people they love started form kindergarden.

A Lot Like Love

From childhood friends to teenage lovers. This is the story of a love that survived through life’s challenges. They never imagined they would end up together, but now they are inseparable. This romantic love story will bring you to tears.
When these two lovers met, they were still in preschool. They did not know it yet, but they are soulmates. As time went by, they drifted apart and moved away from each other, but soon found their paths crossing once again. From then on, their love shone through. This amazing tale of love is nothing like you’ve ever heard before. You will laugh, you will cry. You will believe in the power of love. Videographer Dubai present  A Lot Like Love

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Mohammed Ibthisam
Sana Shaikh

Gregory Grytchenko

Patrick Fronda

Martin Oms

Dorota J. Williams

Cinematic Collection
Thomas Newman

Gregory Grytchenko
Dorota J.Williams

Blue Eye Picture Studio

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